Moving a manufactured home is not something that can be done by just any person. It requires a certain level of finesse, technical expertise and heavy equipment to accomplish. DeLaigle Contracting is the only company that has specialized equipment to move a manufactured home. That’s why you can count on the expertise of DeLaigle Contracting.

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DeLaigle Contracting

One of the main perks to choosing DeLaigle Home Center is our contracting company. 

DeLaigle Home Center keeps you in the family even with contracting the set up of your new home.  Mike’s son Nathan runs DeLaigle Contracting and will move and assemble your manufactured home on your site. Since your home is made in a controlled factory environment, the time taken to actually finish construction is a few weeks at most. Compare it to an on-site construction job, which takes months, and you will know why people prefer a manufactured home from DeLaigle Home Center in Augusta GA.